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In-depth guide for developers to create stencils and templates

Special Constraints for Dimension and Handle

Sometimes, shapes may have to be created with special features such as being scaled with a fixed ratio, having handles moved only on one direction or in a limited length. Pencil supports many constraints for Pencil properties.


<Property name="box" type="Dimension" p:lockRatio="true">36,45</Property>
  • p:lockRatio: $box size is scaled with a fixed ratio. So any objects have width & height properties is set <Box>$box</Box> behavior will be scaled with a fixed ratio, too.
  • p:lockW : the box width cannot be scaled
  • p:lockH : the box height cannot be scaled.


<Property name="width" displayName="Width" 
  • p:lockY : only move on horizontal direction
  • p:lockX : only move on vertical direction
  • p:minX, p:maxX : moving on horizontal direction only from mixX to maxX
  • p:minY, p:maxY : moving on vertical direction only from mixY to maxY
  • p:disabled : disable the handle.