Get Pencil

Pencil is available in two different types of packaging: standalone application and Firefox extension.

Note: this page lists available packages of the latest stable version 2.0.5, released on September 27, 2013. If you want an old version of Pencil please look at the release archives.

Standalone version for your own operating system

Different builds of Pencils are made for popular operating systems. Please select the build on the right side and start installing Pencil.

Please note that Pencil is also available in the software repositories of Fedora and ArchLinux. Users of these GNU/Linux distros can install Pencil using the built-in package manager. Packages delivered via these repositories may be a little bit out dated in comparison with the latest builds available here.

Fedora Linux (16 - 20), RHEL/CentOS users:
# yum install pencil

# rpm -Uvh

ArchLinux users:
# yaourt -S pencil

Firefox Extension

Pencil is built on top of Mozilla technologies and can be installed into your Firefox as an extension.