Release Notes - 2.0.3

Find out what is new in this release of Pencil

For users

The following things have been added into Pencil 2.0.3:

  • Compatibility issue with XRE/Firefox 17 has been resolved. Pencil will now work correctly in these new environments.
  • Added implementation for group element sizing policy. This allows user define the way an element position and size can be changed when its parent group is resized. This can be considered as the first step toward a more flexible method for creating personal collections containing complex elements.
  • On-screen handle editor now supports keyboard arrow keys.
  • Plain-text elements are now positioned correctly when the drawing is exported to SVG.
  • Fixed some of the bugs reported by the community

For developers

  • 'box' property now supports 'p:disabled' attribute to indicate when the geometry editor should be disabled.