Pencil V3 - Pre-release builds

Developer preview builds for the next version of Pencil.

About The Next Version

Pencil V3 is a rewrite of Pencil that aims to fix major performance and scalability issues of the application. The new version is under heavy development and we are at final steps to have a GA build.

Download Pencil 3.0.0 - RC2

Released Feb 09, 2017

Warning: you are downloading a pre-release build of Pencil. These builds are not stable and not recommended for your critical works.

Nightly builds are also available.

What's New

Besides the movement toward a new runtime and rendering engine, the new version of Pencil has a bunche of new features and improvements implemented.

Electron as the new runtime

The new runtime uses Node.js, Chromium and V8 underlying.

New page management

Support page hierarchy and new canvas memory management.

New file format

Pencil now uses a new ZIP-based file format for better resource embedding.

New user interface

Better page navigator with thumbnails, easy drag-n-drop and a lot more.

Font embedding

Custom fonts can now be installed and embedded into Pencil documents.

Better printing and PDF support

Cross-platform printing and PDF export with customizable templates.

Remote stencil repository

Pencil supports a new centralized repository of user contributed stencils.

New startup screen

Recent documents are now listed in the start-up screen with thumbnails.

A lot of bug fixes and improvements

Many long-standing issues were fixed together with bunches of improvements.

Source code repository and issue tracking

Pencil source code and issue tracking are now managed under GitHub.


Source code

Pencil source code is publicly available at GitHub and can be cloned as:

$ git clone

Issue tracking

Bug reports and feature requests should be posted into the issue tracker at: