Stencils and Templates

Stencil collections and Export templates for Pencil can be downloaded separately and installed into Pencil as add-ons.


Different builds of Pencils are made for popular operating systems. Please select the builds on the right side and start installing Pencil.

Android 4.0 (ICS)

Shape collection for drawing Android ICS UI, included by default in Pencil 2.0.2+

iOS Wireframe

Shape collection for creating wireframe of iOS applications, included by default in Pencil 2.0.2+


Shape collection for drawing high quality iOS application GUI, included by default in Pencil 2.0.2+

Dojo UI Widgets

Stencils to create UI prototyping for the Dojo Javascript Toolkit. Contributed by Calle Bokedal.

ExtJS Neptune

Stencils to create ExtJS GUI mockup with Neptune theme. Developed by Pencil team.

For a full list of available stencil collections, please visit the Google Code stencil download page for Pencil.

Document Export Templates

Additional exporting templates are also available in Google Code template download page for Pencil.